A new ad from Rep. Andy Barr’s (R., Ky.) campaign knocks his Democratic challenger, Amy McGrath, for comments she made during a fundraiser in Massachusetts.

The ad shares audio of McGrath’s comments at the fundraiser where she touted just how far left she is.

“I am further left, I’m more progressive, than anybody in the state of Kentucky,” McGrath can be heard saying at the fundraiser.

The ad also includes audio of McGrath laughing at the fact the Kentucky Coal Museum is powered by solar panels and saying “it’s not necessarily about Kentucky.”

“Laughing at us, and selling us out for campaign donations,” the ad narrator says.

After McGrath makes the comment about the Kentucky Coal Museum, event attendees are heard laughing in response. In contrast, Democrats from heavy coal-producing states, such as Kentucky, have often tried to portray themselves as coal friendly.

McGrath’s campaign in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District received a substantial amount of out-of-state support after a campaign ad of hers went viral. Democrats are hoping she can flip Barr’s seat, which he has held since 2013.