Listen to Amy McGrath’s entire answer on abortion during her interview with Larry Glover of “Larry Glover Live” on 590 WVLK.

Full transcript below:

CALLER: There’s, I have a question about woman’s right to choose.

AMY MCGRATH: Yeah. Yeah.

CALLER: Republicans are attacking it. They’re pushing for a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. Are you going to oppose this extremist Republican attack on a woman’s right to choose?

AMY MCGRATH: Yeah, thanks for the question Tim. I am pro-choice. I believe it’s a personal liberty issue, just flat-out. I don’t think government should be involved in making decisions for.

LARRY GLOVER: You don’t think there should be any limitations at all on abortion?

AMY MCGRATH: I don’t think government should be involved in making decisions on a woman’s body.

LARRY GLOVER: So you think a woman on the way to the hospital to give birth could decide to abort it instead?

AMY MCGRATH: I don’t think that government should be involved in a woman’s right to choose what is happening to her body.

LARRY GLOVER: What about the rights of the unborn child? This is a personal issue for me. That’s why I’m speaking up here.

AMY MCGRATH: And I respect that okay, I just think that government should not be involved in forcing a woman to do something with her body. I mean that that is just not and honestly the conservative Roberts Supreme Court, conservative Supreme Court has upheld a woman’s right to choose.

I mean this is this is a personal liberty issue.

LARRY GLOVER: But doctors say at 20 weeks a child feels pain, in the womb.

AMY MCGRATH: I don’t have anything to go at you against that except to say that that, government should not be involved, you should not be involved. You should not tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her body.

LARRY GLOVER: But it’s, see I think this is the issue.

AMY MCGRATH: I mean, are you gonna force her now to carry that child? You’re gonna be the one to make that decision? What, this is a personal choice.

LARRY GLOVER: Let me come at it from a different direction. See I think both sides argue the issue of abortion from different perspectives. See you obviously, you see it as a women’s health issue, conservatives say and pro-life people say, we see it from the position of it’s the life of an unborn child at stake.

I can tell you and I’ll give you, I won’t take up too much time here, but my daughter at 20 weeks, we discovered she had clubbed feet.

Okay. We also saw her sucking her thumb. We also know she feels pain, in my view, she’s a person then.

And I don’t, I guess I come back to is when, when does the life of an unborn child deserve to be protected?

And I mean, what I hear you saying, and you correct me if I’m wrong, but I hear you saying is, when they’re born.

AMY MCGRATH: Well, I just personally believe and I’m Catholic, okay, what I believe on what I could do in my life, I can’t force on other people and this is where.

LARRY GLOVER: But we have laws that restrict certain behaviors whether we agree with them or not whether they affect us directly or not.

AMY MCGRATH: And in America, we also have a very strong tradition of personal liberty and for the government to come in and say to a woman we are going to tell you what you need to do with your body and not have that be a decision between the woman and her spouse and her doctor.

LARRY GLOVER: But shouldn’t the government protect the life of the unborn child?

AMY MCGRATH: I believe that we should protect the woman’s right to choose, it is her choice. It’s her choice, it’s not yours. It’s hers.

LARRY GLOVER: Well I think that, but you see the unborn child doesn’t have a voice, and I think people should stand up for the unborn child.

AMY MCGRATH: Well, I mean I disagree with you.

I think it’s the woman, it’s the mother’s choice. And it’s her body and until you want to carry a child. It’s your choice, if it’s your body, but that’s her body.

LARRY GLOVER: Let’s go to Ron, let’s talk about immigration.